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Criminal Defense

When you’re faced with being the focus of an ongoing criminal investigation or have been arrested and/or charged, it’s only natural to feel scared and alone. If you’ve recently learned that you are being investigated or have been charged with a crime, calm your fears and give yourself the best defense options by turning to the assistance of an aggressive and competent criminal law attorney at Law Offices of Justin P Nadeau. No other attorney understands your fears and the complexities of this process better. Attorney Justin P. Nadeau will fight vigorously for you and he will not stand for prosecutors who employ dirty underhanded tactics in seeking your prosecution.

Many people are wrongly investigated and/or charged with crimes they did not even commit. If this happened to you, then you just happened to find the right lawyer to fight for you.

The Law Offices of Justin P. Nadeau will weigh every aspect of your case from both the criminal and civil standpoints. Should it be determined that the Police Department and/or any Officer or Investigator abused their authority, violated your Constitutional Rights and/or subjected you to an unwarranted and/or malicious investigation and prosecution, Attorney Justin P. Nadeau and his team have the necessary experience in proceeding accordingly to obtain whatever recourse may be warranted, including financial compensation to you and your family.

Our criminal defense lawyers can handle all types of criminal law cases, including:

  • White Collar Crimes

  • DWI / DUI / OUI Crimes

  • Juvenile Crimes

  • Violent Crimes

  • Drug Crimes

How We Work

Whether you’re facing a traffic infraction at the state or local level or have been investigated and/or arrested and charged with a federal crime, we are prepared to litigate your case and fight for your good name, reputation and most of all, your freedom. During your legal proceedings, our attorneys will serve as your advocates and offer you ongoing support. We will fight so that you receive a fair trial, challenge any evidence that is illegally obtained, and make certain that your defense is presented as strongly as possible. Additionally, our legal team will:

  • Carefully investigate your case to uncover additional evidence and/or witness statements

  • Interview all parties involved, including police

  • Bring in witnesses, when appropriate, to testify on your behalf

  • Present you with defense options to help you combat your charges

  • Negotiate with prosecutors to have your charges or sentence reduced, if possible

To learn more about our criminal defense services and the types of cases we handle, contact our law office today to set up an initial case evaluation.



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